Registration for new pupils

Registration is subject to the establishment’s Internal Regulations and Financial Rules. For information use the link below:

⇒  Internal regulations

⇒  Financial rules, school fees (rates) and bursaries (information)

⇒  Declaration of personal data protection (French website)

General information

Registration must be done by the legual guardian of the child.

The school has no boarding facilities and cannot accept children lodging with a third party. One of those legally responsible for the child must be resident in the Netherlands throughout their schooling.

You need to choose between The Hague and Amsterdam. It is not possible to submit an admission file for both locations.

Completed dossiers are ranked according to the following priorities:

  1. Establishment of origin (does not apply to PS grade). Priority is accorded to pupils coming from a French school (public or State-approved in France / part of the AEFE network).
  2. Siblings (brother(s) or sister(s) already at the establishment)
  3. Age (from oldest to youngest).

If you receive an email offering you a place you must pay the First Registration Fees (Droits de Première Inscription) according to the financial rules. The fee will be retained if the pupil is withdrawn. They are non refundable and cannot be carried forward for a registration in another school year.

School year 2024-2025

Registration calendar

Registration opening : January 8, 2024. The calendar below details the application deadlines and the periods during which our Admissions board shares its decisions with the families:

Download the registration calendar

Registration will be closed between June 29 and August 18, 2024. Applications finalized after the reopening will be registered from August 27, 2024.

Corresponding birth-years / level

⇒  Download the information about birth-years/level (2024-2025)

Online preregistration

It involves 6 stages – You can interrupt the process at any time before completion (stage 6) and pick it up again by reconnecting to the portal using your identifiers to access your parent page.

⇒   Access the online preregistration (no access between June 29 and August 18, 2024)

Documents to upload (stage 5 of online registration)

Documents to complete before upload

Download the blank documents in PDF format using the links below. These must be completed with the information requested then uploaded to the pre-registration site (documents are in French only).

⇒  Abiding by the regulations of the school

⇒  Learning form (Fiche pédagogique) for primary school PS to CM2

⇒  Learning forms (Fiches pédagogiques) for 6ème to Terminale : 6eme  ♦ 5eme  ♦  4eme  ♦  3eme  ♦  2nde  ♦  1ère  ♦  Terminale 

⇒  If you want to apply for the International American Section (starting in the « CE2 » grade), you need to fill the form and upload it with the other documents : American International Section Application

Other documents to provide

⇒  The child’s birth certificate or a copy of the family record book (livret de famille) (languages accepted: French, English and Dutch). The document must show the identity of the parents.

⇒  Certificate of attendance (if the child has been to school), from the MS grade (age 4)

⇒  Recent school reports from the « CP » grade (age 6) – Reports for 2022-2023 and 2021-2022 from the « 5ème » grade (age 12).

⇒  Identity document for those legally responsible.

Children who are not coming from an official French school

GS to 1ère (age 5-16) – Children who have come from an establishment with programmes that are not recognized by the French Ministry of Education will be required to take a grade test as well as having their dossier assessed. A decision is made on the basis of the results and places available. Tests can be organised to take place remotely for pupils who are not resident in the Netherlands. Subjects are French and Mathematics.

⇒  Access information about grade test

Visit the school

If you want to visit the primary school, please contact Mrs Céline ALRIC, for the school in AMSTERDAM or Mrs Aurélie EXBRAYAT for the school in THE HAGUE.

Some virtual tour are also available on the website :

⇒  Access virtual tour of the French school 


  • Mrs Elisabeth Segaud – Admissions office – Tel. +31(0)70.3066923 – E-mail
  • Mrs Céline Alric – AMSTERDAM – Primary School Director – Tel. +31(0)20.2134232 – Email
  • Mrs Aurélie Exbrayat – THE HAGUE – Primary School Director – Tel. +31(0)70.2174411 – Email