Grade tests

For who ? Why ?

They are intended for pupils who have completed the registration procedure in the establishment and who are educated in an establishment whose programs are not approved by the French Ministry of National Education (1)

Their purpose is to match the wishes of the family with the educational reality of the level required in the French education system at the time of registration.

Here is a table of correspondence between the year of birth and the class level in which your child must be registered :

2023-2024 school year

♦ Primary school : 2020 (PS) – 2019 (MS) – 2018 (GS) – 2017 (CP) – 2016 (CE1) – 2015 (CE2) – 2014 (CM1) – 2013 (CM2)
♦ Secondary school : 2012 (6e) – 2011 (5e) -2010 (4e) – 2009 (3e) – 2008 (2nde) – 2007 (1ere) – 2006 (2)


(1) Tests do not concern pupils registered in PS and MS.
(2) Children cannot directly enter the « Terminale » level and must be registered in « 1ère ».

What ?

♦ Primary school (GS to CM2)

Students are assessed on two areas of competence: mastery of the French language / main elements of mathematics (from the level of GS).

♦ Secondary school (6ème to 1ère)

Students are assessed through written tests on the following subjects: French – mathematics

When ? How ? Where ?

For children who are registered for the beginning of the school year they are organized before then end of June (1). They do not necessarily require students to travel to the Netherlands (remote assessment).

Decision is made on the basis of the results, the child’s school career and places available

Tests can be organized from time to time for enrollment requests during the school year (subject to availability in the level requested).


(1) For registration after mid-June in the Secondary school a session will be organized in The Hague a few days before the start of the school year (subject to availability in the level requested).


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