The Lycée français Vincent van Gogh of The Hague-Amsterdam is a member establishment of the AEFE (Agency for French Education Abroad) network and is directly managed by the Agency. Teaching takes place in accordance with the official instructions and programmes of the French Ministry of Education


The Hague is home to the establishment’s main site, with a primary school (preschool and elementary), and a secondary school (collège and lycée).

The building was inaugurated in 1994 and is located in the “statenkwartier”, not far from Scheveningen, and today welcomes nearly 1,000 pupils from PS to Terminale – preschool to final year – with nearly 500 of those in the collège and lycée. Collège and lycée pupils use the main entrance at Scheveningseweg 237.

There are currently 11 classes across the 4 collège years (6ème, 5ème, 4ème and 3ème – age 11-14) and 9 classes for the three lycée grades (2nde, 1ère and Terminale – age 15-17).

Exams prepared are the collège brevet (in French) and the baccalaureate (in French).

Parcours linguistiques

Statutory language teaching

Modern languages taught at the Lycée français Vincent van Gogh: English, German, Spanish and Dutch. In some cases languages not taught at the Lycée français Vincent van Gogh can be learned though the CNED (French National Centre for Remote Teaching) as a “regulated course option”, followed at the family’s cost (link to the CNED website)

By grade:

  • 6ème: English (LVA) – Dutch (required option)
  • 5ème – 4ème – 3ème: English (LVA) – German or Spanish (LVB)
  • 2nde – 1ère – Terminale: English (LVA) – German or Spanish (LVB)

* LVA = Modern Language A / LVB = Modern Language B

The establishment offers pupils in the level of 2nde, 1ere or Terminale the option to obtain certificates in foreign languages : English (IELTS), German (Goethe), Spanish (DELE), Dutch (NT2). 

Optional language lessons

A number of language course are offered as options. The details can be found on the PDF below.

The choice of option is made on a Learning Form (fiche pédagogique), on registration for new pupils (downloadable form) and at the end of May/beginning of June for pupils already belonging to the establishment and re-registered for the following year (online form in the digital workspace – ENT).

From 4ème onwards, the learning form requires the Dutch and Latin options to be ranked by preference (voeu 1 and voeu 2) because depending on demand and timetable constraints, it may not be possible to follow both options.

American International Section

American International Section is 5 or 6 hours of lessons in English (American literature and history-geography) in addition of the normal schedule.

European Section (English)

European Section is 1 (college) or 2 (lycee) hours of lessons in English (history-geography in Lycee) in addition of the normal schedule.

Specialties (1ère and Terminale) - Workshops - Option

Specialty (1ère and Terminale)

The list and descriptions of different speciality subject offered by the Lycée français Vincent van Gogh can be found in the PDF documents to be downloaded via the link below (in French) :

NB, the “Foreign languages, literature and cultures” speciality subject is not available to pupils in the American International Section because of a teaching incompatibility.

Workshops – Option

  • Theatre workshops are organised on Wednesday afternoon or in the evening after class for 6e, 5e, 4e and 3e
    Lycée pupils can take part in two workshops: theatre or music/art.

Pupils should register directly with the teachers at the beginning of the autumn term.

  • Opening of the Theatre option for 2nde, 1ere and Terminale in September 2021


Hours and operational protocols

Lessons take place between 8.30 a.m. and 5.10 p.m. (and 7 p.m. for workshops and/or options). Wednesday afternoon is dedicated to workshops and extracurricular activities.

School Calendar

School life

This is orchestrated by the « Bureau de la vie scolaire » (School Life Team), educators who are present at the establishment throughout the day but who are not tasked with teaching a particular subject.

They have a number of responsibilities:

  • Safety: supervising pupils throughout the day, when they are not in class (break-times, meal break, study rooms, etc.).
  • Monitor pupil absences and tardiness: ensuring pupils always attend classes, contacting the family if absent (at the time of the absence), contributing to teaching pupils to be punctual.
  • Support the pupils in their schooling, by supervising personal study times and coordinating with teachers.
  • Supportthe pupils as they mature, as persons who are listening and are a source of advice.
  • Be the link between the establishment and pupils’ families
  • Prepare the pupils to be citizensby introducing and operating representative and democratic structures.

The School Life Team comprises 6 supervisors/teaching assistants. They are managed by the Senior Educational Advisor (CPE), Mrs Valérie Balbinot-Viale. To contact the School Life Team, please follow the link at the bottom of the page.

Reserved access ENT / PRONOTE

The establishment has a digital workspace (espace numérique de travail – ENT that is accessible to the entire school community (parents, pupils and staff) by private and secure connection. For information and to connect, follow the link below:

Jean-Luc Caldi multimedia library

This pleasant and comfortable space on the 2nd floor provides pupils and teachers with excellent conditions in which to work, learn and relax. It was officially inaugurated on 25 January 2013 and is named for Mr Jean-Luc Caldi, psychologist and guidance counsellor from the Lille Academywho supported pupils and parents at the Lycée français Vincent van Gogh from 1996 to 2012.

The multimedia library has its own internet location and its data bank is accessible online.


School textbooks

These are provided by the establishment in return for a rental charge for which families are invoiced along with school fees. They must be returned at the end of the school year.

Other textbooks

Certain items (dictionaries, works of literature, notebooks, etc.) must be acquired directly by families. Click on the link below to access the lists in PDF format.

These items can be ordered online.

The APE parents’ association offers an opportunity for families to make a group order of books and textbooks for collège and lycée: link to the APE online bookshop

School supplies

Click on the link below to access the lists in PDF format.

Requests for supplies that are not in the lists above will be made by teachers at the beginning of the year.

The APE parents’ association offers a stationery service in The Hague. Pupils (and parents) can find various supplies (paper, files, dividers, etc.) and in particular the items not available in Dutch shops –  APE stationery information


The sports association (AS)

The sports association offered different activities such as: basketball, watersports, climbing, badminton, table tennis, volley-ball, athletics (combined events), team sports (lycée pupils).

A membership fee is payable. It is available for several activities (depending on available places)

Club samedis malins

The aim of the « Club Samedis Malins » is to develop sporting activities and promote sporting values across a number of disciplines.


The Lycée français Vincent van Gogh supports its pupils in constructing a personal and vocational plan and helps them to implement their approach to learning about professions and training.

Key human resources in the lycée are the principal, deputy principal, CPE (who specialises in the Dutch system) and lead teachers.

Documentary resources for parents and pupils are available in the multimedia library as well as the digital workspace.

The Higher Education Forum (with former pupils) and Vocational Forum (with professionals) take place alternately. These events are organised in collaboration with the APE parents’ association, the UPI, the NUFFIC Erasmus Programme, Campus France, etc..


After the baccalaureate

  • 40%of our pupils choose France, whether the Classes Préparatoires aux Grandes Ecoles, engineering schools like INSA, or Sciences Politiques in Paris, with special access to international campuses on interview and Medicine.
  • 40%choose the Netherlands, joining the best universities like Delft, Leiden, Maastricht, Erasmus Rotterdam and Eindhoven.
  • Others leave for the American universitieslike Colombia, of for Canada and McGill or the University of Montreal, or head for other countries like Switzerland (EPFL), the UK (York University, London School…), Belgium (Brussels, Namur, Liège, etc.). There are many more examples, because we are able to build courses to suit our pupils.


  • Mrs Carole Lux, Vice Headmaster – Tel. +31(0)70.3066920 – Email
  • Mrs Elisabeth Segaud – Administration – Tel. +31(0)70.3066923 – Email
  • Mrs Valérie Balbinot-Viale – Senior Educational Advisor (CPE) – Tel. +31(0)70.3066933 –  – Email
  • Bureau de la vie scolaire (School Life Team) – Teaching assistants, supervisors – Tel. +31(0)70.3066933 – Email
  • Mrs Corinne Robert – Librarian (multimedia library) – Tel. +31(0)70.3066937 –  – Email