Schooling at the Lycée français Vincent van Gogh of The Hague-Amsterdam is fee-paying for all class levels. When signing the registration dossier for their child or children, those legally responsible accept the financial rules without reservation and undertake to pay all fees associated with their child or children’s schooling. The person legally responsible has full financial responsibility in all cases.


  • Account name: Lycée français Vincent van Gogh
  • Bank: Trésor Public
  • IBAN: FR76 1007 1449 0000 0010 2046 260
  • Location: TPNantes TGEtranger

School fees

Annual rates – School year 2023-2024

Registration / Re-registration

  • First registration fee: 350 €
  • Advance for re-registration: 300 €

School fees

  • Amsterdam : Preschool-Elementary (PS to CM2 – age 3-10): 7 020 €
  • The Hague : Preschool-Elementary (PS to CM2 – age 3-10): 7 267 € / Collège (6ème to 3ème – age 11-14): 9 883 € / Lycée (2nde to Terminale – age 15-17): 10 456 €

American International Section (from CE2 to 2nde) – BFI (1ere and Terminale)

  • Elementary (CE2 to CM2 – age 8-10): 250 €
  • Collège (6ème to 3ème – age 11-14) and Lycée (2nde to Terminale – age 15-17): 1 000 €

European section (lycée only)

  • 2nde – 1ère – Terminale : 400 €

School textbooks and exams

  • School textbooks : 50 € (from CP – age 6, first year of elementary)
  • Exam fees for classes in 3eme (DNB) : 50 €
  • Exam fees for classes in 1ère (penultimate year – preliminary exams): 50 €
  • Exam fees for classes in Terminale (final year) : 100 €

School bursaries

French families who are registered with the French Consulate in Amsterdam may be eligible for a bursary. This support may cover, under certain income conditions, all or part of school fees to be paid by a family.

Requests for bursaries are managed by the social affairs department of the French Consulate General in Amsterdam. The board tasked with assessing the dossiers meets twice a year.

Information and dossiers are available through this link:

Solidarity fund

The Solidarity Fund is able to support families experiencing temporary difficulties in paying the fees associated with their child’s schooling at the Lycée Français Vincent van Gogh of the Hague-Amsterdam.

This support might for instance be granted to pay for all or part of meal costs, transport costs or for overnight school trips, or perhaps for sports equipment or school supplies and/or textbooks.

Eligible pupils – The Solidarity Fund may – following assessment of the dossier – support any pupil at school in the establishment, at both The Hague and Amsterdam sites, whatever their age or nationality.

How to apply – Compile a dossier that is easy to complete and submit it to the establishment’s Director of administration and finance. Applications – which are made anonymous by the accounts department – are assessed by a board comprising the lycée Principal, the Director of administration and finance, the Deputy Principal and/or Director of the primary school, the Senior Educational Advisor (Conseillère principale d’éducation – CPE) and the heads of parent groups or associations with representation on the Establishment Board. In all cases anonymity is guaranteed for pupils requesting (and receiving) this support.

What form does the support take? – The support may take the form of partial or complete payment of costs (for example, a reduced bill for school trips).

Reference texts: AEFE circular 831 of 22 February 1996 and, by association, French Ministry of Education circular No. 98.044 of 11 March 1998.

Click here to download the application form (in French)


  • Mr Khalil Cheikh – Secretary general – Tél. +31(0)70.3066920 – Lien e-mail
  • Mrs Véronique Guihéneuf – Accounts / Disputes – Tel. +31(0)70.3066920 – Email
  • Mrs Mounia Arafa – School fees invoicing / Recovery – Tel. +31(0)70.3066920 – Email