The parents’ associations represent the families and are the priority channel of communication with the management of the establishment.

They are represented on the establishment’s various consultative boards: the School Board, the Establishment Board and other associated boards and committees.

They are also involved in the life of the lycée.

Regulatory texts governing parent participation in the operations of the public service of education, in particular by way of parents’ associations, are available in French via this link.

There are currently two associations at the Lycée français Vincent van Gogh :


The general aim of the Foundation is to assess and pursue any project aiming to support or improve the operation of the Lycée français Vincent van Gogh in 4 primary areas:

  • Support for school or extra-curricular activities proposed by the Project Committee
  • Launching “sponsorship” and financial support initiatives for equipment and amenity projects
  • Support for individual or collective solidarity initiatives under the umbrella of the Lycée français of the Netherlands
  • Support for external communication initiatives launched by the Lycée