Regulation and governance

Internal regulation

The Internal Regulations are contained in a document that defines the rules for running the establishment, setting out rights and duties for all members of the community: staff, pupils and parents. They apply to everyone and everyone must be familiar with them.

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The Lycée français Vincent van Gogh La Haye-Amsterdam is directly managed by the AEFE.

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The Establishment Board is the main body governing the affairs of the establishment. It has control, at both primary and secondary levels, of all matters pertaining to teaching and the educational life of the establishment, without infringing on the remit of the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE).

The School Board adopts the school’s internal regulations as proposed by the school director.
It must be consulted on all questions relating to the operation and life of the preschool and elementary school.

The Secondary-level Board does preparation work for the Establishment Board on matters concerning the collège and lycée.


The Educational Board is a consultation body for the teachers on the establishment’s educational policy. It prepares the educational side of the establishment’s plans, including proposals for any educational experiments.


The Lycée-life Board (conseil de vie lycéenne – CVL) is the dedicated forum for exchanges between pupils and staff of the educational community; this is where all the concrete questions relating to life within the establishment are discussed.


The Collège-life Board (conseil de la vie collégienne – CVC) gives a voice to pupil representatives to inject new dynamism to the collèges, to introduce new projects and improve the functioning of the establishment and pupils’ well-being.


The Disciplinary Board is responsible, when tasked, for applying any sanctions stipulated by the establishment’s internal regulations, including those that may only be imposed by head of the establishment.