The Lycée français Vincent van Gogh of The Hague-Amsterdam is a member establishment of the AEFE (Agency for French Education Abroad) network and is directly managed by the Agency.

Teaching takes place in accordance with the official instructions and programmes of the French Ministry of Education


The Primary School (preschool and elementary) in The Hague is located in premises that it shares with the collège and lycée.

The building was inaugurated in 1994 and is located in the “statenkwartier”, not far from Scheveningen and today welcomes nearly 1,000 pupils from PS to Terminale – preschool to final year – with nearly 500 of those in preschool and elementary.

The Primary School in The Hague currently has 19 classes across 8 grades.


Nursery – PS to GS (age 3-5)
Elementary – CP to GS (age 6-10)


PS to CE1 classes – age 3-7

Pupils in PS, MS, GS, CP and CE1 (*) have four 45 minute sessions per week in a Modern Language (Langue Vivante 1 – LV1), either English (UK) or Dutch (NL). The LV1 selected will be continued throughout primary school.

CE2 to CM2 classes – age 8-10

Pupils in CE2, CM1 and CM2 (*), continue the same pattern of LV1 and begin LV2 with two 45 minute sessions per week:

  • English for those who have chosen Dutch for LV1
  • Dutch for those who have chosen English for LV1.

Duch as LV1 is not possible for beginners.

International American Section

The international american section is open for CE2, CM1 and CM2.

The choice of language is made by the family when the pupil is registered at the establishment, using the Learning Form (fiche pédagogique).



School hours

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 8.30 a.m. to 3.15 p.m.
  • Wednesday from 8.30 a.m. to 11.30 a.m.

Reserved access (ENT)

Access to the digital workspace (espace numérique de travail – ENT) is reserved for parents, pupils and staff, using a private and secure connection.

It gives access to a personal school diary, to the general timetable, to the class pages and to various sections and blogs.

Click here to access the « ENT »

Meal break

In the Netherlands the lunch break is traditionally short, and the lycée follows this rule. There is no meal provision and the children bring their own lunch, as sandwiches, salads or prepared dishes in a thermos. They are under adult supervision during the lunch-break.

Deli’Dej offers a lunch box system for all pupils in the school. For information about this organisation, menus and ordering, visit their website.


Marmothèque (PS to CP classes age 3-6)

Children in nursery and the CP class are welcomed once a week to the Marmothèque (junior library).

This is where they begin to get to grips with books in French, Dutch and English in the company of an adult who reads to them, tells stories and introduces them to the different facets of the world of books. Collaboration between the teaching team and the Marmothèque ensures the link is maintained between what the children learn in class and the discoveries they make in the Marmothèque.

Children in GS and CP classes can also borrow one or two books a week to experiment with reading.
The Marmothèque is also involved in organising “Story Week” (Semaine des contes) and encounters and workshops with authors and illustrators of children’s literature.

Library (CE1 to CM2 – age 7-10)

The Library and Resource Centre (BCD) hosts each elementary class (CE1 to CM2) once a week.

In this comfortable environment each pupil can borrow three items from the lending section: novels, albums, documentaries, magazines in French, English and Dutch.

Outside the planned time-slots for each class, pupils are able to visit and carry out research during the morning and afternoon breaks.

The library is managed by a librarian who also helps the pupils find their way around the BCD and to carry out a document search, as well as guiding young readers in choosing their material.

The BCD also works with the teachers to organise reading rallies and challenges, cultural events and encounters with youth literature authors and illustrators working in French, English and Dutch.


School textbooks

School textbooks are for pupils in classes from CP to CM2 (age 6-10).

They are provided by the establishment at the beginning of the school year for a rental fee of €50, which is invoiced by the financial department at the same time as the school fees.

School supplies

The establishment pays a proportion of the cost for school supplies. The rest must be directly bought by families.

The lists of supplies to buy can be found using the link below (PDF document)

Download the school supplies for 2024-2025 (in French)

The APE parents’ association offers a stationery service in The Hague. Pupils (and parents) can find various supplies (paper, files, dividers, etc.) and in particular the items not available in Dutch shops – Link to APE website


2WOMBATS daycare

2WOMBATS is part of the Kinderopvang 2Samen foundation, a non-profit childhood protection organisation.

Club samedis malins

The aim of the Club Samedis Malins (Active Saturdays Club) is to develop sporting activities and promote sporting values across a number of disciplines.

La flotte à block (musical activity)

Innovative and motivational music teaching focusing on playing the recorder.

Alliance française (cultural activities)

Cultural projects focusing on the French language.


  • Mrs Aurélie Exbrayat – Headmaster – Tel. +31(0)70.2174411 – Email
  • Mrs Violaine Pellerin – Secretary – Tél. +31(0)70.2174411 – Email
  • Mrs Elisabeth Segaud – Admissions  – Tél. +31(0)70.3066923 – Email
  • Mrs Vinciane Fanuel – Librarian (preschool) – Tél. +31.(0)70.3066920 – Email
  • Mrs Sabine Gratadour – Librarian (elementary) – Tél. +31.(0)70.3066920 – Email